This is the page that will likely take the longest to complete, simply because i'm not sure what really deserves to be recorded (or what you would like to know).  Like all my endeavors, however, i shall do my best.

My Bio

    Professional History

I've held a lot of jobs over the years, but technology is my passion. I have been an IT professional for over a decade.

     Professional Ideal

There are many facets of information technology which interest me - from long ago, starting with a bit of HTML (beyond simply using an editor) to network protocols and topologies, hardware and OS configurations, database configuration and automation, virtualization, storage, and Active Directory administration of several global environments, and now i'm focusing on security and automation in cloud architecture. Anything that helps us communicate freely on a global scale is my professional goal. Information has always been an invaluable asset, and its highly increased availability has not changed this aspect.


Sure, i could detail my work experiences here, but many of my past jobs were less than exciting (while others were a bit too exciting to go into detail). I've got a very busy personality, and this has led me to begin many different hobbies in my lifetime. This site already has an abundance of lists, though, and another one isn't exactly what i'm shooting for in this section either. I enjoy trying new things, i love being challenged, and i thrive on acquiring knowledge. My role models, real or fictitious, have always been those whom push the "normal" boundaries of human existence and inspire those around them. Batman, Neal Cassady, Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Lee, Albert Einstein, all are examples of simple men who broke through the barriers of what is considered possible and became something extraordinary. These personify the ability to continually shift our way of thinking to that which is beyond the realm of commonplace. This is precisely why these men are role models; they exemplify amazing feats performed by those who possess an incredible commitment to succeed and the drive to ensure that nothing stands in their way to accomplishing their goals without compromising their integrity or morality. I only hope someday my family perceive me as someone who demonstrates something of these qualities.


I have them.

I understand some people do very well stating their goals aloud or listing them in print to remain focused (or provide the illusion thereof). I, on the other hand, believe there is something intrinsically counterproductive to such behavior. One's goals are very personal, a reflection of one's personality that collectively embodies the essence of that person's very humanity. If you happen to be someone who recites affirmations daily and finds that fulfilling, then power to you. I'm not trying to knock whatever works for someone else, merely stating that it's not a practice in which I find interest. I prefer to keep my goals very general, nondescript, even somewhat out of focus to preserve their essential magic and power (at least publicly, anyway). Much like a mantra used in meditation, such things lose their impact when named, categorized, and discussed... or perhaps it's just the goals for which I strive? Being a homeowner, purchasing a Mercedes, winning a game, those things are not goals in the sense which i am describing here. Transcendence, knowledge, peace, humility... these words can be used to describe more closely that to which I'm referring, but to continue in an effort to perfectly detail that which drives me as a person would be to tell you all a bit more than i'd like (and probably more than you'd care to know). Those of you who know me know i'm a philosophical person, a spiritual person, a passionate person, a driven person... let that be the extent to which i explain who i am and what i intend to do with this amazing opportunity called life.


I have those too.  No, seriously.

While i might have some strong philisophical tendencies, i'm apprehensive about sharing my introspections with others, particularly on this most public of forums. I thoroughly enjoy contemplating the mysteries of reality, especially in regards to our existence and any inherent or implied purpose thereof, but when it comes to discussing those thoughts randomly on a website i rather opt for discretion.

A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet introspection.  --  Patrick Rothfuss