Alright... now what?

This is just a bit about me. WYSIWYG.

My Passions

     Erudition & Edification

I love to learn and i have a deep-seated need to try new things and (attempt to, at least) expand my perceptions. This has led to some interesting experiences, all of which i believe have contributed to the person i've become. Mostly i've learned that i've got a lot left to learn. I look forward to the continuing journey.

     Challenge Elucidation

There is something about immersing yourself into a well-developed fictional universe riddled with challenges and rewards which i find just irresistible.  The complexity of design found in video games is paramount, including single-player and MMORPGs. My first experience with video games was the classic Pong (1972), which has since been surpassed by the advent of greater technology and even greater design capability and strategy. The first PC game i played was Hamurabi (1978), a text-only strategy forerunner to games like Civilization. My first PC game which integrated modern graphical applications was Unreal (1998), and the PC has since been my favorite gaming platform. My introduction to online gaming was in the D&D-based Neverwinter Nights (2002), which is when i first coined Greyfang the Gangrel as my IGN online.  My first major MMO was City of Heroes (2004), which has one of the friendliest and most devout gaming communities even after NCSoft regrettably shut down the servers on Nov. 30th, 2012*. I don't only enjoy electronic media, though. Sometimes you have to unplug from technology, and for that i recommend a solid tabletop game.

*City of Heroes is back! The code has been made public and the list of private servers is longer all the time. I'm currently playing on Everlasting, one of the Homecoming servers, and it's been great getting back into Paragon City!


I love to read, and while i won't attempt to list all the books i've read over the years, i have listed some of the more memorable works on my Books page.  Other hobbies of mine are linked in the sidebar on the left, which include watching sumo, practicing qigong, and ever expanding my technology skills.


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A Favorite Quote

They know enough who know how to learn.  --  Henry Brooks Adams